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Western Adirondack Railroad Modelers


The WARM (Western Adirondack Railroad Modelers) is a group that enjoys working with and displaying model trains. We educate students & visitors about our history and bring tourism to the area.  Their current project is building a Rich Lumber Company railroad model of the Wanakena rail lines and spurs including the town and mills/lumberyard.  Buildings, and homes are being assembled using antique photos and postcards.  





Bob Meredith 

(315) 848-2048



PO Box 21

Star Lake, NY 13690 



Western Adirondack  Railroad Modelers  Built a traveling 4x8 foot HO scale railroad layout that includes scenes of the mills and depot at Wanakena in the early 1900  with the Shay locomotive moving the log cars and the #5 engine pulling the passenger cars.  The Oswegachie river runs under the RR bridge down the rapids and under the swing bridge to the Cranberry Lake inlet.





Everyone involved are volunteers to help with the modeling.



Goals/Plans for the Future:


When the recent project is finished we will have a good representation of the railroad and its effect on the area. WE are open to the idea of giving lessons/classes for anyone interested.

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