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Oswegatchie River








































The Oswegatchie River flows out from from the vast

Cranberry Lake,


and through the heart of the Village of



From here, it continues on, twisting and carving it's way through parts of the rugged  and untamed "Five Pond Wilderness Area", until it joins the other two branchs near Talcville NY.  The Oswegatchie provides  a challenging but spectacular paddle, with rewarding scenery viewing  destinations like...


"High Falls"


"High Rock"

a "Top 10 Area Favorite Hiking Destination"


along it's path here!


add on the fact, that the river provides superb fishing and wildlife spotting opportunities,it's easy to see why this branch of the Oswegatchie River is so highly acclaimed by those who experience it.



Oswegatchie River Access Locations:


"Car Top" Access via Wanakena Town Beach (Ranger School Rd).



"Motorized" access Via "Cranberry Lake"


"Car Top" access via "Inlet"




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The Setback Oswegatchie River

The Setback Oswegatchie River

Oswegatchie River Wanakena

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