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Cranberry Lake

"Dead Creek Flow"











The Southern shores of majestic"Cranberry Lake"

referred to as the "Dead Creek Flow"  resides within the outskirts of the "Wanakena" village limits.


The section of the lake is almost entirely surrounded by State owned and protected land, with very minimal  enchroachment by civilization. Plenty of primitive state owned campsites line the shore, and can provide a true Adirondack back country camping and hiking experience. The Dead Creek Flow also provides ample fishing opportunity for Northern Pike,  Bass, Perch, Lake Trout and more.


Add in the sheer size of the Lake,

(The 3rd largest lake in the ENTIRE 6 Million acre, Adirondack Park) 

You will certainly have plenty of water for your aquatic pleasure.


Dead Creek Flow

Dead Creek Flow

© Spencer Morrissey

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