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Clifton-Fine Hospital Auxiliary


The role of the Clifton-Fine Hospital Auxiliary is to support the Hospital’s board of directors and administration in the Hospital’s delivery of health care services. Also the promotion of the health and welfare of the community.  



Contact info:


C-F Hospital Auxiliary

PO Box 218 

Star Lake, NY  13690





Each year providing a minimum of two scholarships awarded to CFCS Seniors or Community members pursing a health care related field.  Weekly Bingo games for long-term care residents. Contributing generously to the “Wilderness Healthcare Foundation”.



Volunteering / Donations:

Volunteers assist with  outings and special events for long-term care residents.  Coordinate the distribution of Staff Holiday Christmas goodie baskets and decorating the Hospital for the Holiday Season.  Donated monetary support helps to sustain the Clifton-Fine Hospital  Auxiliary and enables direct help to the Clifton-Fine Hospital. 


Goals and Plans for the Future


Continue to support the hospital- a vital asset to the entire community, and to continually sponsor the annual CFHA Annual Craft Fair held at  the Clifton-Fine Arena, on the first Saturday after Labor Day each year.






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