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Clifton-Fine Arena Committee


The Clifton-Fine Arena is jointly owned and operated by the Towns of Clifton and Fine. The arena serves as a gathering place for community functions for both winter and summer activities.






Anne Hynes,

Arena Chairperson 315-848-2891



4173 B State Hwy 3

PO Box 483 Star Lake, NY  13690

(315) 848-2578 








The original building built in1972 was rebuilt for the 1987-1988 skating season after it collapsed under heavy snow.  Winter activities include open skating, figure skating, as well as private ice time rentals. Summer activities include class reunions, the Clifton-Fine Hos-pital Auxiliary Craft Fair, as well as private rentals




Volunteering / Donations:


The arena benefits greatly from the work and enthusiasm provided by volunteers.  Matching skills, interests and experience are crucial to the success of volunteers. Volunteer are approved by thee Arena Chairperson and reviewed/approved annually. Donations helps to sustain the Clifton-Fine Arena.




Goals for the Future:

To continue to provide community members of all ages with a place to enjoy constructive leisure time; skating during the winter months and non-skating activities during the warmer months.







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