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White Out Weekend (WOW) Committee


Get the local community and visitors out in Clifton-Fine to celebrate the beauty of the Clifton-Fine area in winter, enjoy winter recreation and support local businesses in the process. Foster community spirit, increase visibility of Clifton-Fine area,






Vanessa Vaverchak






Local businesses organized a nice winter weekend experience in 2014 with positive response from residents and visitors alike.





Volunteers help direct entertainment and presenters to their locations, prepare ice/snow for various events, setup/tear down of events, create activities, run events/activities, run concessions, organize events, get sponsorships and donations and also to sell buttons, raffles, apparel & 50/50 tickets. monetary and in-kind (door prize/raffle items) donations are used to plan events.



Goals and Plans for the Future


We would like to develop more activities that can be offered during the rest of the year, to benefit the full-time residents.

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