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Windfall is a hamlet of two roads, but those two roads make for an outstanding scenic drive as well as accessing some recreational opportunities further north. There is also hardly a more scenic drive in the fall when the colors are at peak than this tour through the hardwoods of St. Lawrence County. 



River Road

This road will bring you from the crossroads of Windfall and along the Oswegatchie River to a the small Hamlet of Newton Falls. This drive along and through the Oswegatchie River Valley is one of the most spectacular in the region. With opportunities for roadside scenery and picnics, who could resist? See map above for map of River Road into Newton Falls


Tooley Pond Road

Starting in the closest town along this route, the Hamlet of Cranberry Lake, this road will bring you through the heart of Windfall and continue north for many miles to another small Hamlet of Degrasse. Along the way you have the opportunity to enjoy Tooley Pond or a hike up Tooley Pond Mountain. Continue further and you can take part in the adventures of the waterfall tour, a tour of 6-waterfalls. All of which are very close to the road and an easy hike to their beauty during all seasons. The hardwood forests that line this road and the scenic vistas out over the Grasse River make this drive a fantastic find.