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The Hamlet of Oswegatchie is not only a section of The Olympic Scenic Hwy 3 but also a collection of attractive backcountry roads. With numerous cross roads located throughout you have plenty of options for sightseeing, including the Blue Mountain Rd, Ridge Rd, Sucker Lake Rd, Twin Lakes Rd., Brown's Falls Rd, Colton Hill Rd and more. Some of the roads will also lead you back into Star Lake,(Oswegatchie Trail Rd./Twin Lakes Rd.) Fine,(Blue Mountain/Ridge Rd/ Colton Hill Rd.) and Newton Falls (Ct. Rt. 60)  So, keep Oswegatchie in mind when you are and obout for an evening drive or touring the western Adirondacks in the Fall, and soak in the rainbow of colors our forests provide- Don't forget your camera!!