Newton Falls

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CR60 (Benson Mines-Newton Falls Road / Oswegatchie-Newton Falls Road)  


There are two main roads going through the Hamlet of Newton Falls, both of which are very scenic drives that access the Oswegatchie River. County Route 60 starts east of Star Lake off Route 3 and is also referred to as the Benson Mines-Newton Falls Road and continues through the abandoned Benson Mines into Newton Falls.


Once in Newton Falls it become was is referred to as the Oswegatchie-Newton Falls Road and follows along the Oswegatchie River. Through a very scenic area, especially in the fall season, you will come back out onto Route 3, West of Star Lake. Of course this road can be explored in either direction, it is not a one-way road. 



River Road


The main roadway that accesses Windfall as well as the Oswegatchie River.

River Road is one of the most scenic routes in the Clifton/Fine region and should be visited by all. Passing though the Oswegatchie River Valley you will eventually have the river on either side of the road. This scenic drive is not only a colorful fall venture but a fishing access road as well as an outstanding birding destination. 




Most of the land mass surrounding the hamlet of Newton Falls is privately owned.

While Newton Falls may be lacking in dry land and wilderness attractions that are open to public use, it surely makes up for with it's expansive aquatic recreational tract on the Oswegatchie River.

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