Curtis Pond


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Cranberry Lake Wild Forest


Cranberry Lake

Curtis Pond

Curtis Pond

© Spencer Morrissey

Curtis Pond

Curtis Pond

© Spencer Morrissey

Dog Pond Loop  Map

Dog Pond Loop Map

Curtis Pond  is a picturesque  and tranquil  body of water, that offers a relaxing  campsite underneath old growth white pines, and is an excellent location to fish for Brook Trout.







Trail Location:



The trail head for Curtis Pond can be accessed by boating to eastern end of "East Inlet" on Cranberry Lake between Campsites 15 and 16 at the Cranberry Lake State Campground.  Follow the red DEC trail markers up the hill and beyond the beaver pond where the trail then merges with the

"Dog Pond Loop Trail"


Continue following the Blue "Dog Pond Loop" trail markers to eventually reach Curtis Pond.





The "Dog Pond Loop Trail" can also be accessed via the

"Burntbridge Pond Trail"


The trailhead is located East of the village of Cranberry Lake, along NYS Route 3,

Be advised this alternative route is a much greater distance.








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